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I am Roz Scott, a journalist and copywriter. NCTJ qualified with a diploma in journalism, I am a wordsmith with a lively mind.  I studied English Literature and then Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University.

I write primarily for Brighton and Hove News as well as the Argus and other platforms about international issues including the impeachment of South Korea’s President.

I write and edit a community newsletter covering Withdean, Westdene and Patcham in Brighton which is read by 10,000 residents.

My ambition is to write for the broadsheets.

Political Journalist and Copywriter Roz Scott

On my blog you can read my published work and other bespoke articles of interest. I have been writing since 2013, my second blog was a tribute to Nelson Mandela who inspired not only South Africans of every race but many political leaders and ordinary people around the globe.

I seek social justice and a fairer society at home, that is inclusion, not isolation. I believe Britain is better because it is multi-cultural and I am proudly European.


“Roz showed initiative in covering wide-ranging subjects from homelessness to trans-Atlantic trade agreements, while writing for the Argus.  She proactively pitched stories to the news desk, skilfully communicating various complex ideas in straightforward terms.” Finn Scott-Delaney, Business Editor and Newsdesk Editor, Argus

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