Germany should lift export permissions on German Leopard tanks for Ukraine

In Europe, there is deadlock regarding the supply of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine. She should be given military tanks: as many as possible, with full spare parts, ammunition and training, licenced for single end use in the war against Russia.

President Zelensky has asked for 300 Leopards to defeat Putin. With one thousand tanks, they could overthrow the Russians altogether. It’s an absolute necessity that Putin is defeated. Nothing else will do.

According to the BBC, more than 2,000 German Leopard tanks are sitting in warehouses across Europe.

I am not German and therefore I do not fully understand the national guilt caused by Nazi atrocities. Concentration camps blight their landscape and paralyse their politicians in the face of war. Mr Scholz, Germany’s Chancellor, does not want to escalate the war in Ukraine. No-one does, not even Mr Putin.

Germany must send leopard tanks to defeat Russia herself. She must not prevent Poland and other allies, including neighbouring countries, export permissions for their German leopard tanks. For Poland, defending herself against Russia, is a matter of necessity and survival, not choice.

In order to defeat the present monster threatening Western democracy, that is Russia’s Putin, Germany must let go of her national guilt.

President Biden and Boris Johnson understand this. I very much hope Rishi Sunak, who is rightly our Prime Minister, and Emmanuel Macron of France make sure Mr Zelensky gets all of the German Leopard tanks and other military equipment he needs, as soon as possible.

If European politicians do not supply all necessary ammunition to win the war, they will have the blood of Ukrainian men, women and children on their hands.


On 24 January, the day after this article was published, Germany agreed to authorise European countries to send German Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Germany will match Poland and the UK who are sending a company of tanks (14) each ahead of an anticipated Russian Spring offensive.