Brighton Pavilion and Brighton Kemptown Labour Parties endorse Rebecca Long Bailey

Rebecca Long Bailey MP is the clear winner for the Brighton Pavilion nomination. She got 36 more votes than her nearest rival, Sir Kier Starmer MP yesterday (Saturday 09 February, 2020.) In Brighton Kemptown it took three rounds of voting for Ms Long Bailey to win although she had the endorsement of Brighton Kemptown’s Labour MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Brighton Pavilion nominated Dawn Butler MP who beat Rosena Allin-Khan by 25 votes. Dr Khan attended the Brighton Kemptown hustings in person and won with a clear majority of 23 votes.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle who is Brighton Kemptown’s MP backed Rebecca Long Bailey and Angela Rayner. He said: “Rebecca will professionalise the operation, we have lost four elections, under Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband as well as two under Jeremy Corbyn.

“We need to be comfortable with the Labour Party’s history. Angie and Becky will do that very well. They will not be shy about celebrating the last labour government. In 2017 we got the biggest share of the vote and then we saw the magic wear off. But I will say all candidates will be very good. Everyone should be good.

“Rebecca Long Bailey pioneered our most popular policy, the green industrial strategy, she understands working class voices, she knows we have bridges to build, she’s loyal to Jeremy Corbyn and she was not involved in bullying.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

“Rebecca is someone who understands the need for change.

“Whoever wins I’ll be incredibly proud of the Labour Party and our values.”

“Angela Rayner is a perfect bridge, she’s not taking policy positions, she’s a wing-woman. She wishes to serve with Rebecca. Rebecca and Angie wish to serve together. Angela benefited from Sure Start herself. She understands who we need to reach out to.

“I don’t know what Brighton Kemptown will do. I will host a joint rally very soon here in Brighton and Hove for Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner.” Full details to follow.

Brighton Kemptown constituency Labour Party results

Full results of the constituency labour party (CLP) vote are as follows:

First round of voting

Lisa Nandy 16

Emily Thornberry 32

Keir Starmer 30

Rebecca Long Bailey 54

No vote 1

Second round of voting

Candidate Swing Result
Emily Thornberry +2 34
Rebecca Long Bailey +7 61
Keir Starmer +6 36
No further vote +1 2

Third round of voting

Candidate Swing Result
Rebecca Long Bailey +9 70
Keir Starmer +20 56

Deputy Leadership

Rosena Allin Khan 77

Richard Burgon 20

Dawn Butler 15

Angela Rayner 17

Ian Murray 2

No vote 2

Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party nominations for leader and deputy

Less than seven percent of the Brighton Pavilion Labour membership voted and 189 votes were cast. Labour members were not allowed to vote by post or by proxy. They had to vote in person at the member only Labour Party meeting.

One round of voting

Rebecca Long Bailey 99

Kier Starmer 63

Lisa Nandy 22

Emily Thornberry 5

Deputy leadership

Candidate First round of voting Second round: Ian Murry eliminated Third round: Angela Rayner eliminated Fourth round: Richard Burgon eliminated
Rosena Allin-Khan 47 50 69 75
Richard Burgon 43 43 49
Dawn Butler 54 54 67 100
Ian Murray 8
Angela Rayner 38 42

For the deputy leadership in Brighton Pavilion, voting was less straightforward. However, when votes from other candidates were transferred to Dr Khan and Dawn Butler, Mrs Butler was the clear winner with a majority of 25 votes.

I very much look forward to hearing all the candidates speak in Brighton on Saturday 29 February at the Labour leadership hustings. I hope it will be a public meeting.

Hove and Portslade Constituency Labour Party Leadership and Deputy Leadership nominations

Keir Starmer nominated as Leader

Angela Rayner nominated as Deputy Leader

Carol Sewell nominated as NEC BAME representative.

Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan nominated as NEC Constituency Labour Party representatives.

There was 243 members at the Hove and Portslade Labour Party meeting.

Breakdown to follow.

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