Computers4Africa invites Brighton and Hove residents to donate old computers for reuse abroad

Unfortunately a computer has a sell by date. Whilst there will always be someone in need of a little black dress, the computer industry is constantly moving forward with faster processor speeds, better graphics and larger memories. Your old equipment can quickly become useless and is replaced every three to four years.

If you are unsure what to do with your old computer, consider giving it to schools and health clinics in Africa.

Computers 4 Africa transforms communities across Africa, by accepting working but redundant PC’s and IT equipment from individuals, businesses and other organisations across the UK. All data is securely wiped and then the computers are sent to Africa. This month 340,800 children in Africa are using a PC supplied by Computers 4 Africa.

Sharon Roberts from Computers 4 Africa said: “Providing education is critical to bring equality, overcome barriers and start to bridge the digital divide. Our ambition is to empower and equip all people (regardless of age, gender, ability or disability) by supplying IT equipment for training and humanitarian projects across the globe.”

Nurse Joyce works in two villages in Kenya. She was given a laptop and uses it every day to store all her medical data and records including details of patients with measles. Although treatable, measles can be fatal in poor areas where vaccines are not readily available. By using the laptop, Joyce was able to determine the origin and extent of the outbreak, and the direction in which it was spreading.

As a result Joyce stopped the measles outbreak in its tracks, saving many people’s lives and restoring the health of the two villages in her care. A few months later, a similar situation arose with typhoid. Knowledge and data stored on her computer saved lives.

As a Microsoft registered refurbisher, Computers 4 Africa refurbishes and securely erases all your data before shipping your old equipment to schools, colleges, clinics and other specific projects in Africa. Your spare equipment can really make a difference to someone’s life.

Reuse and recycling can often be confused but they are in fact quite different. Recycling is the stripping of an item into useful parts and creating something new. Reuse is simply extending the life of an item.  Computers 4 Africa is a reuse charity that believes it is more ethically sound to reuse IT than simply recycle it. Their staff want to see less waste go to landfill sites. Reusing working computers can be 20 times more energy efficient than recycling them.

A desktop computer requires 240kg of fossil fuels, 22kg of chemicals and 1,500kg of water to produce. Reuse dramatically reduces this environmental impact.

Ms Roberts said: “In supporting this initiative and repurposing your redundant IT equipment in the UK you will meet the WEEE directive, Environment Agency, Data Protection compliance and decrease your carbon footprint. Your old IT will transform lives forever!”

The award-winning charity, is coming to Former Focus, Unit 12, Sackville Trading Estate, Hove on 23 and 24 February from 10am until 4pm. Please note equipment should be less than 8 years old and in working condition.