Brighton and Hove Labour Parties have up to four days to nominate their Labour leadership candidates

Brighton Kemptown’s Labour Party votes on who to nominate for the Labour leadership tonight. Brighton Pavilion and Hove and Portslade Labour Parties will decide on their nomination on Saturday.

Member only Labour Party meetings to decide on the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) nominations will be held this week across Brighton and Hove at the following locations:

  1. Brighton Kemptown, Wed 05 February, Dorset Methodist church, 7pm Dorset Gardens
  2. Brighton Pavilion, 08 February, Grand Hotel, Brighton Pavilion, 9:30am
  3. Hove and Portslade, 08 February, Hove Cricket Ground, 2pm

Four candidates who are still in the Labour leadership race are Sir Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy and Emily Thornberry. They have sufficient backing from MPs and MEPs to approach constituency labour parties for support. Jess Phillips has withdrawn from the race for leadership of the Labour Party.

Each candidate needs either five percent of Constituency Labour Parties (33) or at least three affiliates (at least two of which shall be a trade union) comprising five percent of affiliated membership to be successfully included on the ballot. The final date for the Labour Parties in each constituency across the UK, including the three in Brighton and Hove, and affiliates to submit their nomination is Valentines day, Friday 14th February.

Ballots open for voting by Labour Party members on Friday 21 February and close on 02 April. The result will be announced on Saturday 04 April.

At 10am on Wednesday 05 February 2020, the constituency nominations were still coming in and a rolling list of constituency Labour Party nominations for the Labour leadership is available that will be updated until Friday 14 February when nominations close.

Candidate Total Nominations

Labour Leader Candidate Union or affiliate support Constituency nominations
Rebecca Long-Bailey UNITE, BFAWU, FBU, CWU 70
Lisa Nandy National Union of Mineworkers

Chinese for Labour


Jess Phillips Withdrawn Withdrawn
Sir Keir Starmer UNISON, Usdaw, SERA, Community, Labour Movement for Europe, Labour Business, Socialist Health Association 154
Emily Thornberry No union support 12

You can read more about the Labour leadership selection process and candidates here and see how your MP and old MEPs voted when they declare.

Rebecca Long-Bailey is supported by the following unions: UNITE and the Bakers Food Alliance Worker’s Union. UNITE is the second largest union of British and Irish members who have successively elected Len McCluskey to run it. It was formed when Amicus merged with the Transport and General Worker’s Union.

Lisa Nandy has support from the National Union of Mineworkers, Chinese for Labour and GMB whose General Secretary is Tim Roache.

Sir Keir Starmer is backed by the Socialist Environmental and Resources Association, UNISON which is the largest and a public service union run by Dave Prentis and USDAW which is the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers. Mr Starmer spoke at All Saints Church, Hove this evening, Tuesday 04 February 2020.

Emily Thornberry will be relying on constituency support from constituency labour parties because she does not have union backing for her campaign.

Deputy Labour Leadership

For the deputy leadership of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner is the run away favourite. Here are how the figures broke down on the rolling list of CLP deputy leader nominations once again updated this morning at 10am, 05 February, 2020:

Candidate for deputy Unions or affiliates Constituency nominations
Dr Rosena Allin-Khan Labour Campaign for International Development 16
Richard Burgon UNITE, BFAWU, FBU 24
Dawn Butler Chinese for Labour 38
Ian Murray Labour Movement for Europe 27
Angela Rayner


National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), UNISON, GMB, USDAW, CWU, Labour Business, Socialist Health Association 159

An edited version of this article was published today by Brighton and Hove News.