Churches unite to fight homelessness

VOLUNTEERS from churches across Brighton and Hove have been offering homeless people roast beef, bread and butter pudding and a bed for the night to fight homelessness.

The full article was first published in the Argus on Monday 2nd March.

Rebecca Ariaman and John Walters are among those who volunteer at Holland Road Baptist Church.

Andy is one of the homeless men.  He said many of the people who are homeless have mental health problems.  He added: “Many men go to prison and pay their debts to society but they are not allowed into the hostels when they come out.

“Society needs to trust people.”

Andy was previously a security guard, travelling to work at Old Trafford, Ascot, the Grand National and all the major music festivals. He remembers working at a David Bowie concert in 2000 and once opened the door for the Queen.

He added: “I am responsible for my life.”

Andy said a judge once told him he was a “victim of a society that doesn’t care and doesn’t understand.”

Andy Winter from Brighton Housing Trust discussed the problems and the need for investment and compassion.

First published in the Argus.  Follow this link to read the full article.