Challenger’s election debate: “a meeting of supreme Soviets.”

Read my analysis of the general election debate published on the News Hub here:  the challengers debate, a meeting of the supreme soviets.

Ed Miliband waved goodbye to his ambitions to enter Downing Street on May 8th.  Or did he?  Not everyone agrees with me.  He wants an outright majority, who doesn’t?  Mr Miliband did say: “let the people decide.”

In fighting for this, Ed Miliband categorically ruled out a coalition with the SNP because they may seek another independence referendum in the next 5 years.

Nicola Sturgeon said she would be happy to work with Labour and make Labour bolder to deliver real change:  “Don’t turn your back on that Ed.”  Nicola said that the SNP would never, ever do a deal with the Tories.

Ed Miliband was attacked for offering a “Tory light” manifesto.   Ed, like David Cameron, sought to identify Labour with Britain’s working people.

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